Slow Media

I‘ve been intentionally unplugged from the never-ending stream of warped, emotionally manipulative novelty that is the news for a week now, concentrating instead on spending time immersed in what I’ll call “slow works” of literature and art. The opposite of most of the internet. Stuff it took a lot of time and thought to create and takes time and space to appreciate. In just this one week, my mind has become clearer, calmer, and more open to new ideas and inspirations. I feel like I’m beginning to develop my negative capability. I feel like a more complete human being, not just a tormented echo of the disaster-du-jour.

I originally planned on unplugging through the end of the year, but I’m considering making this way of living my new normal. One is, after all, what one consumes, and that goes for media just like it does for food. No more cheap, processed, fast media for me: I shop at the farmers market now. (Ok so maybe I stretched that metaphor a bit)

The Restless Lens @restlesslens