Étienne Jambon

I found these portraits in the attic of the house my wife just inherited, under four inches of blown cellulose insulation, wrapped in brittle newspapers dated 1965. The gentleman pictured, Éteinne Jambon, once owned the land on both sides of our street here in Golden Meadow, Louisiana (long story, another time perhaps). He is said to have been washed into the gulf during the 1893 Chenier Caminada hurricane, where a ship bound for New Orleans found him floating on a roof (of course, he spoke only French). Once he got to New Orleans he managed to pantomime and improvise and hitch and hustle his way all the way back down the bayou, where he discovered that he was the only member of his family who survived. Every Jambon from Golden Meadow today is thus related to this man. Not sure exactly who the woman is yet. We’ve given these to our neighbor, of course, being as how she’s a Jambon.

Jeremy @restlesslens