📍 Now I'm in... Arnaudville, LA

The Arnaudville, Louisiana area was originally the site of an Atakapa-Ishak settlement; these people were largely wiped out by diseases introduced by Europeans. Previously called La Murière, then La Jonction (after the junction between Bayous Teche and Fusilier), is it named after one of the earliest settlers, Jacques Arnuad, who arrived in the mid nineteenth century and donated land to build a Catholic Church. One of the oldest European settlements in St. Landry Parish, it served as a trading center between merchants traveling Bayou Teche from New Orleans and farmers in the surrounding area. It is currently about 0.7 square miles in size and home to 1,041 people. A small, quiet town, its known for its arts and Cajun culture. Notable sites include the Bayou Teche Brewery, the Little Big Cup restaurant, and the NUNU Artist Collective.

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Jeremy @restlesslens